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District Growth and Extension Committees
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Districts & Regions

Growth and Extension Committees are found in almost all of our districts and have been are a primary resource for many smaller congregations. In some areas the G&E Committee helps identify “growing edge potential” and may support the planting of new congregations. In many districts the Chalice Lighter fundraising program is part of the G&E Committee’s work. Other ways that G&E Committees work in districts around our Association include the following:

  • Use the district extension committee as an information center to coordinate ministers without parishes with congregations that are looking for a minister.
  • Encourage annual all day or weekend Growth Workshops for the district's congregations.
  • Utilize growth-trained individuals to form lay growth consultant teams.
  • Seek out grants for such items as joint advertising programs, bringing in outside speaker or funding scholarships for district leaders to attend growth workshops outside the district.
  • Utilize cluster meetings and where the district is large enough, area councils to improve communications and to solve some of the problems of large geographic distances.