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Relationship between the Unitarian Universalist Minister's Association (UUMA) and the district structure can be an important partnership and has proven very powerful in districts where this relationship is fostered. Examples of the kind of collaboration that exists in some of our districts include:.

  • Coordination of work can be assisted by exchange of minutes; visits of district president to report to the UUMA chapter; visit by UUMA president to report to the district board and designation of a formal liaison between the district board and the UUMA.
  • Nominating committee should be sensitive to the need for ministerial representation on the district board.
  • Establish joint activities between the district board and the district's UUMA chapter.
  • The norm should be that ministers play an active role in district work.
  • Contact person and communications links between the board and the UUMA chapter include the district field staff person and any board member who is also a minister.
  • Lay people need to be sensitive to the number of meetings ministers are asked to attend. Ministers are sometimes resistant to further demands that involve weekend and evening meetings. At least one district has only one event that includes Sunday activities, in part because of the ministers' schedules.
  • Care should be taken for districts not to fall into the trap of seeing the district board (mainly lay) as somehow in competition with the UUMA chapter. There is much that requires cooperative effort (Extension for example). The building of close ties, whether formal or informal, between districts and UUMA officers can create trust and harmony particularly if this is an on going effort over the years.

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