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District Committee Structure

Committee structure varies from district to district

  • Committees may be established by bylaws, constitution, or tradition.
  • Committees may be standing, temporary, or ad hoc.
  • District committee chairs may be board members or selected from the district at large.
  • Committee chairs may be appointed by the district president with board approval, elected by the membership at the annual meeting or selected by the committee members.
  • Committee chairs may select or recruit the committee members, or select members with the guidance of the board
  • District committees may include the following: religious education, finance, program, nomination, publicity and public relations, extension, archives, newsletter, youth/adult social responsibility, denominational affairs, annual program fund, worship, leadership development gay and lesbian concerns, women and religion, and adult programming.
  • Committee terms should be clear (i.e., each committee term concludes at the annual meeting).
  • Chairs must be affirmed by the Board.

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Last updated on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

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