Board retreats are a way of bonding board members and improving their ability to work together. Retreats also provide time for in depth study of district concerns.

  • A Friday evening to Sunday evening retreat seems to be the longest block of time that board members can allot to this task
  • An annual retreat in May or early June is preferred by most districts that have a spring Annual meeting.
  • Retreats are more efficient if board members live together for the duration and are isolated from outside influences and activities.
  • The retreat may involve:
  1. getting acquainted
  2. review and evaluation of past year
  3. brain storming for program priorities for the coming year
  4. selecting program
  5. developing a budget
  6. setting goals
  7. assessing leadership styles
  8. deciding committee liaisons
  9. making assignments based on individual interests of board members
  10. setting the calendar

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