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District Board Structure

The districts board structure and organization varies from district to district. Examples include:

  • Members of the district board are elected for a two-year term; officers are nominated by the nominating committee. Nine members are elected at large. Youth Adult Committee elects one or two voting representatives with full voting rights. The Unitarian Universalist Association trustee may or may not be a voting member. Meetings occur as often as monthly and often much less frequently. Annual meetings are typically in the spring of each year.
  • Some district boards are larger (as many as seventeen voting members) with officers nominated and elected by the trustees. In some situations only the president is elected by delegates to the annual meeting, while other officers of the district board are elected from within.
  • More and more district boards in our Association are moving toward Policy Governance and in that process are reducing the size of their boards and reframing the distinct work of the board from that of staff. There is wide variation among Policy Governance districts as well. Some have a single CEO and others have opted for an “Executive Team”.

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Last updated on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

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