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Responsibilities to their congregations include:

  • Support congregations and their leadership.
  • Inform congregations of district events through electronic and print publication of newsletters, news briefs and other mailings to the local congregations.
  • Provide services such as professional consultation workshops, start ups for religious professionals, district committee support, conflict resolution, and support during ministerial transitions.
  • Plan and conduct various district events and meetings; conduct elections, and present resolutions.
  • Collect names, address, phone numbers and data from congregations, district committees and groups and maintain and/or publish this information periodically in the form of a district directory to assist congregations in working cooperatively.
  • Maintain a database (electronic or in print) and a mailing list of all district leadership to be used for notification and call to meetings and official district business as well as newsletter and other communications.
  • Work to make sure that all constituencies and groups, including congregations of all sizes and types, are included in district activities and have input at district meetings.
  • Assist congregations by providing active and effective programming.
  • Train leaders and encourage congregations to utilize trained leaders. 

Financial responsibilities include:

  • Collection of dues from member congregations.
  • Establish the district budget.
  • Support the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Annual Program Fund in congregations in the district.
  • Make an accounting for and distributing district and other funds.

Responsibilities for management include:

  • Plan, set goals and establish priorities for district activities.
  • Select individuals and groups charged with the planning, training of leaders and conducting of district activities.

Responsibilities to the UUA include:

  • Advance the programs, purposes, and principles of the UUA.
  • Participate with the UUA in the selection of, writing job descriptions for, and evaluating the performance of the UUA field staff who work directly with the district‘s board and congregations.
  • Participate with the UUA in the selection, support and encouragement, evaluation of the District APF chair and Ministerial Settlement Representative.
  • Participate with the UUA in the nomination of persons to serve on various UUA committees and commissions necessary for the smooth functioning of our Association of Congregations.
  • Assist in informing district congregations about UUA programs, services, materials and consultants.
  • Communicate with appropriate UUA staff concerning district needs.
  • Send an informed representative to the district presidents' meeting.
  • Promote and extend liberal religion.

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