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Members of the Committee on Socially Responsible Investing

  • David Stewart, Co-Chair
    stewart [dot] david [dot] w [at] gmail [dot] com 
  • Kimberly Gladman Jackson, Co-Chair
  • kgladman [at] gmail [dot] com  
  • Marva Williams
    marva96 [at] att [dot] net
  • Simon Billenness
    simon [dot] billenness [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Tim Brennan, Ex officio, Staff Liaison
    tbrennan [at] uua [dot] org
  • Larry Ladd, Ex-officio
    larry [dot] ladd [at] us [dot] gt [dot] com
  • Vonda Brunsting
    vonda [dot] brunsting [at] seiu [dot] com

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