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The Religious Education Credentialing Committee (RECC) is appointed by the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Members represent various perspectives and aspects of congregational life.

Current members of the Committee are:

  • Rev. Tandy Scheffler, tandyscheffler [at] gmail [dot] com
    Committee Chair and also representing a Credentialed Religious Educator—Master Level perspective.
  • Rev. Randy Becker, revrandy [at] spiritualpersistence [dot] com
    Representing a Parish Minister perspective.
  • Ms. Kathleen Carpenter, kcreuucc [at] yahoo [dot] com
    Representing the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA).
  • Mr. Peter Kandis, pkandis [at] gmail [dot] com
    Representing a congregational lay leader perspective.
  • Rev. Christina Leone Tracy, christinaleonetracy [at] gmail [dot] com 
    Representing a Faith Development Minister perspective.
  • Mr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, eortega [at] drew [dot] edu 
    Representing a congregational lay leader perspective. 
  • Ms. Jenice View jenice [at] aol [dot] com
    Representing a congregational lay leader perspective.

The following UUA staff members serve as non-voting ex-officio members of the Committee:

  • Rev. Sarah Lammert, slammert [at] uua [dot] org
    Director of the Ministry and Faith Development staff group, serves as Executive Secretary.
  • Ms. Catherine Rowland, crowland [at] uua [dot] org
    Professional Development Assistant, serves as Recording Secretary.
  • Ms. Jan Gartner, jgartner [at] uua [dot] org
    Professional Development Specialist.

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