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Section 6.6. Qualifications of Trustees.

Rule 6.6.1. Multiple Memberships.

For purposes of applying the Bylaw provision that no more than one trustee shall be a member of the same member congregation, a person holding membership in more than one member congregation shall be treated as being a member only of that member congregation whose services such person most regularly attends. The Secretary shall make any determinations required by this rule, subject to appeal to the Board of Trustees, with the affected trustee or trustees not voting.

Rule 6.6.2. Implementation of Section 6.6.

If at the close of a General Assembly election, the results are such that, except for the provisions of Section 6.6, more than one person from the same congregation would serve at the same time on the Board of Trustees,

  1. if the conflict arises solely from the election just held the Secretary of the Association shall thereupon declare that the persons so elected are disqualified and that the offices to which they have been so elected are vacant and are to be filled as provided in the Bylaws.
  2. if the conflict arises because one person from a congregation is already serving on the Board of Trustees and another person from that congregation has just been so elected the Secretary of the Association shall declare that the person just elected is disqualified and the office to which such person has been elected is vacant and that the vacancy is to be filled as provided in the Bylaws.

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