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Rule IX Nominations and Elections

Section 9.4. Nomination by Nominating Committee.
Rule G-9.4.1. Report of the Nominating Committee.

Section 9.11. Counting of Ballots.
Rule G-9.11.1. Tie Vote—Elected Committee Position.
Rule G-9.11.2. Tie Vote—Moderator.
Rule G-9.11.3. Tie Vote—President, Moderator, Financial Advisor, or Trustee.

Section 9.13. Rules for Nominations and Elections.
Rule G-9.13.1. Preparation and Mailing of Ballot.
Rule G-9.13.2. Order of Names on Ballot.
Rule G-9.13.3. Write-ins Prohibited.
Rule G-9.13.4. Absentee Ballots.
Rule G-9.13.5. Balloting at General Assembly.
Rule G-9.13.6. Campaigns for Elective Office.
Rule G-9.13.7. Length of Campaigns for President and Moderator.
Rule G-9.13.8 Campaign Finances Disclosure.
Rule G-9.13.9. Separation of Campaigns from Conduct of Official Business.
Rule G-9.13.10 Election Campaign Practices Committee.

*Rules whose Section number is preceded by a "G" are those adopted by a General Assembly and may be amended or repealed only by a General Assembly, as provided in Section 14.1 of the Bylaws.

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Last updated on Monday, July 22, 2013.

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