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Section 9.11. Counting of Ballots.

Rule G-9.11.1. Tie Vote—Elected Committee Position.

If a tie vote occurs in filling an elected committee position when only one person is to be elected, or occurs in filling a slate when the slate cannot be completed without resolving the tie, then as soon as possible before the final adjournment of the General Assembly involved, additional ballots shall be cast by those present and entitled to vote, except that initially the Moderator shall not vote. The additional ballots shall contain only the names of the candidates who are tied. These ballots shall be counted along with a recounting of the ballots cast for the tied candidates by absentee ballots, and the result of the foregoing procedures shall determine the election, unless there is still a tie, in which case the Moderator shall then cast a ballot to resolve it.

Rule G-9.11.2. Tie Vote—Moderator.

If the tie involves the election of a Moderator, the proceedings to resolve the tie shall be presided over by the Secretary of the Association who in all matters involving the resolutions of the tie shall have the rights and duties of the Moderator.

Rule G-9.11.3. Tie Vote—President, Moderator, Financial Advisor, or Trustee.

If, in the election of a President, Moderator, Financial Advisor, or Trustee, in any particular counting of the preferential ballots, including absentee ballots, there is a tie vote among candidates having the least number of votes, then each such tied candidate shall be eliminated, and in the next counting, the ballots accumulated for said candidate shall be redistributed among the remaining candidates on the basis of the highest effective preferences marked on all the ballots that have been cast. However, if in this process, such elimination leaves only a single candidate who in that counting still does not have a majority of the counted votes, or if only two candidates remain in the contest and they are tied, then there shall be as many run-off election procedures, conducted under the provision of Rule G-9.11.1, as are necessary to result in the election of a President, Moderator, Financial Advisor, or Trustee by at least a majority of the votes cast.

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