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Section 4.12. UUA Statements of Conscience and Study/Action Issues for Social Justice.

Rule G-4.12.1. Report of Comments on UUA Statements of Conscience.

The Commission on Social Witness shall report to the General Assembly in summary fashion those comments on UUA Statements of Conscience submitted to it by member congregations and districts.

Rule G-4.12.2. Study/Action Issues for Social Justice.

The Commission on Social Witness shall prepare (and the Board of Trustees shall include with the Tentative Agenda) a report summarizing the numbers and topics of the proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues submitted by the certified member congregations districts, and sponsored organizations as defined in Section 4.12(a)(1), and the criteria which it used in selecting proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues  included in the Congregational Poll. Each proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue that appears on the Tentative Agenda shall be accompanied by previous General Resolutions, actions and statements on related issues, with dates (if applicable), and the names or number of congregations submitting issues included within such proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue.

Rule G-4.12.3  Report on Implementation of UUA Statements of Conscience.

The UUA Administration shall report at each regular General Assembly regarding implementation of UUA Statements of Conscience with particular reference to the most recently adopted Statement of Conscience. Such report shall summarize implementation by member congregations, Districts, UUA staff and other Unitarian Universalist groups.

Rule 4.12.4  Mini-Assembly on UUA Statement of Conscience

During the regular General Assembly referred to in Section 4.12(d)(1), a mini-assembly shall be held during which the proposed amendments to the revised UUA Statement of Conscience shall be accepted in writing. All such amendments shall be made available in writing to the General Assembly. The Commission on Social Witness shall finalize the UUA  Statement of Conscience, and the chairperson of the Commission on Social Witness, in consultation with the moderator of the General Assembly, the parliamentarian and legal counsel, shall prioritize unincorporated amendments for consideration by the General Assembly.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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