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Section 4.6. Notice of Meetings.

Rule 4.6.1. Mailing of Notice.

Notice of each regular and special General Assembly shall be given not less than sixty days before the date thereof to each certified member congregation, associate member organization, and trustee. Such notice shall be given by the Secretary or the Recording Secretary.

Rule 4.6.2. Time of Notice.

Notice so sent shall be sufficient if mailed at Boston, Massachusetts, sixty days before any such General Assembly, addressed to the persons who according to the records of the Association are entitled thereto hereunder and sent to the addresses which appear on said records. When the Secretary in his or her absolute discretion finds it desirable and practicable, a copy of the notice shall be inserted in the denomination’s publication most widely circulated within the denomination in the issue which will be circulated as nearly sixty days before the General Assembly as possible.

Rule 4.6.3. Content of Notice.

Such notice shall contain the date, time, and place where the General Assembly is to be held and shall state only that the business to be transacted will be set forth in the official agenda issued in accordance with the Bylaws. Such agenda need not accompany the notice. The original of such notice shall be signed by the Secretary or Recording Secretary and be made a part of the minutes of the General Assembly to which it pertains. The signature of the Secretary or Recording Secretary on copies of any such notice may be printed or typewritten.

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