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Section C-3.8. Independent Affiliate Organizations.


As of June 2012, all Independent Affiliates have become Related Organizations (updates to the following bylaws are pending). For more information:

Rule 3.8.1. Application for Independent Affiliate Status.

Each applicant for independent affiliate status shall submit with its application:

  1. an attested copy of its charter, and, unless it is included in the charter, an attested copy of its purposes, objectives, and bylaws;
  2. the number of members or member groups in the organization;
  3. a list of the principal officers with their personal mail addresses, congregation membership or congregation where settled if the officer is a fellowshipped minister serving a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and the principal mail address of the organization;
  4. the contribution contemplated by rule 3.8.9;
  5. a financial statement showing income and expenses for the latest fiscal year preceding the date of filing and showing assets, liabilities and net worth as of the end of such fiscal year;
  6. the dates upon which its governing board met during the twelve months immediately preceding the date of filing;
  7. any yearly reports of its governing body and its principal officers sent to members during the twelve months immediately preceding the date of filing;
  8. evidence of whether it enjoys tax exempt status:

    1. under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1954;
    2. as a registered charity as provided for in the Income Tax Act ( Canada ); or
    3. under the laws of the country governing the applicant's tax status;
  9. if the applicant does not enjoy tax exempt status, the reason or reasons it does not;
  10. a statement outlining how its purpose, mission and structure models interdependence through engagement with our member congregations, coordination or collaboration of effort and resources; and a statement outlining how the organization supports the transformation of institutions and our world to be aligned with those values expressed in our Principles; and
  11. any other information which the Board of Trustees of the Association shall require.

Rule 3.8.2. Non-Segregation.

Each independent affiliate organization shall in all aspects of its work refrain from the practice of segregation based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, affectional or sexual orientation, language, citizenship status, economic status, or national origin. This rule is not intended to preclude independent affiliate organizations designed to benefit groups organized  to ensure their fuller participation in the larger society and to fulfill their unique spiritual needs.

Rule 3.8.3. Annual Contribution and Report.

Except in the year when it is admitted to independent affiliate status, each independent affiliate organization shall send the Association on or before April 30 (i) an annual report which shall include the data required by subsections (b), (c), (f), (g) and (h) of Rule 3.8.1 and any other information which the Board of Trustees shall require and (ii) the contribution contemplated by Rule 3.8.9. If an independent affiliate organization fails to comply with the provisions of this Rule, the Board of Trustees shall at its next regular meeting consider a finding of non-compliance and the termination of the independent affiliate status of such organization.

Rule 3.8.4. Report of Changes.

Each independent affiliate organization shall send the Association an attested copy of any changes in its charter, purposes, objectives, or bylaws as soon as any such changes are made and shall notify the Association immediately of any change in its tax exempt status.

Rule 3.8.5. Representation of Independent Affiliate Status.

No organization shall claim or represent in any manner that it is an independent affiliate with the Association until such status is voted by the Board of Trustees; and if and when any organization's independent affiliate status expires or it is terminated, that organization shall immediately cease to claim, represent or imply in any manner that it is affiliated with the Association.

Rule 3.8.6. Mailing List.

Each independent affiliate organization shall place the Association on its regular mailing list.

Rule 3.8.7. Additional Criteria for Admission.

Before granting independent affiliate status, the Board of Trustees shall determine that such affiliation is likely to be of substantial benefit to the Unitarian Universalist movement.

Rule 3.8.8. Yearly Grant of Independent Affiliate Status.

Independent affiliate status for all new or existing independent affiliate organizations shall be granted by the Board of Trustees for a designated one year period or portion thereof.

Rule 3.8.9. Independent Affiliate Contributions.

The contribution required to be submitted with an application for independent affiliate status and with an independent affiliate’s annual report is $100.

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