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Section C-3.5. Certification of Membership.

Rule 3.5.1. Required Annual Report.

In each fiscal year of the Association (July 1 to June 30), each member congregation shall file with the Secretary of the Association an Annual Report on the form and in the manner provided by the Association. The Annual Report shall include a certification by a minister or principal officer of the member congregation stating (a) whether or not the member congregation complied with the conditions set forth in Section C-3.5 of the Bylaws during the Association’s prior fiscal year and (b) that the information provided to the Association in the Annual Report is true and correct to the best of the minister’s or principal officer’s knowledge.

For purposes of determining compliance with Section C-3.5 of the Bylaws, a member congregation shall be deemed to have conducted ‘regular religious services’ if it has held at least 10 services during the fiscal year.

A member congregation’s Annual Report for a particular fiscal year and, if submitted separately, the related certification must be received by the Association on or before February 1 following the close of that fiscal year whenever the regular General Assembly opens in June and otherwise on or before the close of business on the last business day which is at least 110 days before the date of the General Assembly next following the close of that fiscal year. If a member congregation’s related certification is not received by the applicable deadline, it will still be deemed timely filed if the member congregation submits to the Association proof that it was mailed in accordance with the provisions of Rule G-13.4.2. Such proof may be in the form of a stamped or validated receipt for Registered or Certified Mail or a sworn statement attesting to the proper submission of the certification signed by the person responsible for its mailing.

Rule 3.5.2. Inactive Congregations.

In September of each year UUA staff shall initiate the process of contacting congregations in the inactive category to determine their status.

This process includes:

  1. requesting a list of congregations that have failed to submit an annual report for three consecutive fiscal years
  2. forwarding this list to the UUA’s District Staff with copies to District Presidents and District Trustees for their information
  3. upon receipt of the annual inactive congregations list and pursuant to the UUA’s Bylaws section C-3.6, the UUA’s District staff shall follow up with any congregation in their district
  4. after follow up the District staff shall make a recommendation about each congregation’s status to the UUA Board for action at its April meeting.

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