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Rule III Membership

Section C-3.3. Admission to Membership.
Rule 3.3.1. New Congregations.
Rule 3.3.2. Procedure for Admission.
Rule 3.3.3. Membership Requirements for Admission.
Rule 3.3.4. Multiple Local Congregations.
Rule 3.3.5. Rules and Regulations for New Congregations.
Rule 3.3.6. Order of Administrative Procedure.

Section C-3.5. Certification of Membership.
Rule 3.5.1. Required Annual Report.
Rule 3.5.2. Inactive Congregations.

Section C-3.7. Associate Member Organizations.
Rule 3.7.1. Limitation of Associate Membership.
Rule 3.7.2. Non-Segregation.
Rule 3.7.3. Application for Associate Membership.
Rule 3.7.4. Annual Report.
Rule 3.7.5. Report of Changes.
Rule 3.7.6. Representation of Associate Membership.
Rule 3.7.7. Mailing List.
Rule 3.7.8. Additional Criteria for Admission.
Rule 3.7.9. Yearly Grant of Associate Membership.
Rule 3.7.10. Associate Member Contributions.

Section C-3.8. Independent Affiliate Organizations.
Rule 3.8.1. Application for Independent Affiliate Status.
Rule 3.8.2. Non-Segregation.
Rule 3.8.3. Annual Contribution and Report.
Rule 3.8.4. Report of Changes.
Rule 3.8.5. Representation of Independent Affiliate Status.
Rule 3.8.6. Mailing List.
Rule 3.8.7. Additional Criteria for Admission.
Rule 3.8.8. Yearly Grant of Independent Affiliate Status.
Rule 3.8.9. Independent Affiliate Contributions.

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