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Section C-2.1. Principles.

Rule G-2.1. Democratic Process.

Because the Association is committed to the use of the democratic process, because its governing institutions are accountable to our congregations, because accessibility is critical to countering systemic and institutional oppression and because openness and trust are characteristics of a healthy religious community, the UUA Board shall establish policies to allow for the maximum transparency of its proceedings and of the proceedings of all UUA committees, commissions and task forces, consistent with their effective functioning. These policies shall include:

  1. providing advance notice of dates and locations of regular business meetings, and making agendas, reports and minutes available promptly;
  2. providing avenues for comment on issues on the meetings’ agendas;
  3. accommodating observers at regular business meetings, with the exception of executive sessions.

Implementing this rule shall be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. The Board shall designate a specific person or committee to whom comments about adherence to this rule may be addressed. The Board shall report to the General Assembly annually for the next three years on its implementation.

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