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Article VI Board of Trustees

Section C-6.1. Responsibility.
Section 6.2. Powers.
Section 6.3. Membership.
*Section 6.4. Election of Trustees.
Section 6.5. Term.
*Section 6.6. Qualifications of Trustees.
Section 6.7. Resignation and Removal of Trustees.
Section 6.8. Vacancies.
Section 6.9. Place of Meeting.
Section 6.10. Regular Meetings.
Section 6.11. Special Meetings.
Section 6.12. Waiver of Notice.
Section 6.13. Quorum.
Section 6.14. Compensation.
Section 6.15. Annual Report.

*If a Section is preceded by an asterisk, there are also one or more rules with the same Section numbers.

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