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Article IX Nominations and Elections

Section 9.1. Elective Positions.
Section 9.2. Nomination Procedures.
Section 9.3. Notice by Nominating Committee.
*Section 9.4. Nomination by Nominating Committee.
Section 9.5. Nomination of President and Moderator.
Section 9.6. Nomination by Petition.
Section 9.7. Qualifications of Nominees.
Section 9.8. Vacancy in Nominations.
Section 9.9. Supervision of Elections.
Section 9.10. Conduct of Elections at Large.
*Section 9.11. Counting of Ballots.
Section 9.12. Special Elections.
*Section 9.13. Rules for Nominations and Elections.
Section 9.14. Transition Provision.

*If a Section is preceded by an asterisk, there are also one or more rules with the same Section numbers.

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