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Article IV General Assembly

Section C-4.1. Meetings of the Association.
Section C-4.2. Powers and Duties.
Section 4.3. Regular General Assembly.
Section 4.4. Special General Assembly.
Section 4.5. Place of Meeting.
*Section 4.6. Notice of Meetings.
*Section C-4.7. Voting.
Section 4.8. Delegates.
*Section C-4.9. Accreditation of Delegates.
Section 4.10. Quorum.
Section 4.11. Tentative Agenda for Regular General Assemblies.
*Section 4.12. UUA Statements of Conscience.
Section 4.13. Revision of UUA Statements of Conscience Process Schedule.
Section 4.14. Final Agenda for Regular General Assemblies.
Section 4.15. Agenda for Special General Assemblies.
*Section 4.16. Additions to the Agenda of Regular General Assemblies.
Section 4.17. Items Admitted to Special General Assembly Agenda.
*Section 4.18. Agenda Rules.
*Section 4.19. Rules of Procedure.

*If a Section is preceded by an asterisk, there are also one or more rules with the same Section numbers.

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