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*Section C-3.5. Certification of Membership.

A member congregation shall be recognized as certified during the fiscal year of the Association in which it becomes a member and during each subsequent fiscal year in which it established that during the immediately preceding fiscal year it:

  1. conducted regular religious services;
  2. held at least one business meeting of its members, elected its own officers and maintained adequate records of membership; and
  3. made a financial contribution to the Association.

Member congregations must furnish the Association with a report of their activities showing compliance with subsection (a) and (b) above.

Compliance with subsection (c) above shall be determined by appropriate financial records of the Association. A member congregation shall also be considered to be certified for that part of any particular current fiscal year which precedes the deadline established by the Board of Trustees for submitting proof of compliance with subsection (a) and (b) above if during the next preceding fiscal year such a congregation made a financial contribution to the Association and filed the report required by this section during that year.

A member congregation which has not been certified for three consecutive fiscal years shall be deemed inactive and placed in an "inactive congregation" category.

The Board of Trustees shall make rules to carry out the intent of this section and shall determine which member congregations meet the requirements set forth herein for any fiscal year of the Association.

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Last updated on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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