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UUA Board of Trustees Offers Rebate on Registration for Congregational Presidents as Delegates to General Assembly 2014 (June 25-29, 2014)

Dear Member Congregations of the UUA,

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees would like to extend a special invitation to our congregations to send called and elected leaders to General Assembly (GA) in Providence this year. As an incentive to encourage participation, the Board has authorized a $100 rebate on the registration fee for the participation of congregational presidents as delegates to GA2014.

The major impetus for this special invitation is the Board’s desire to have a conversation at this GA about how we can transform the work of the delegates at future GAs such that it will have real impact on the future of our faith and our Association. The Board has concluded that the structures and practices we currently use for the governance work done at General Assembly make having these conversations harder rather than easier.  

The Board envisions our governance gathering as a place where delegates, accountable and engaged with their congregations, engage on the important issues that impact the success of our association. Are we working on the right mission together? What are the most important justice issues for us to work on together? How are we doing as an Association to live into our dream to be an authentically anti-racist anti-oppressive institution? I am sure that you can think of other issues that we should discuss together. The outcome from these conversations would guide the work of the Board and the staff.

Transformation of our governance as it happens at General Assembly is a multi-year undertaking for the Board and General Assembly. We plan deep engagement with delegates in Providence with a view to making meaningful, positive changes in 2015. And we want the leaders of our congregations to be there. 

While the discount on registration is being extended to congregational presidents, we fervently hope that the called leaders of the congregations will also choose to be present for this important conversation. We are also asking that to the extent possible, Congregations ask their delegates to commit to serve as a delegate for 2 years, so that both the delegates and the Congregations can create continuity and commitment as we work through these decisions together.

We will reach out before General Assembly to provide preparation materials for the conversations we hope to start with delegates in Providence. We particularly ask that your Congregation be represented, if at all possible, by its called and elected leaders. We hope, too, that your Congregation will provide at least some funding to support your delegates' attendance at General Assembly.

See you in Providence!

Jim Key
On Behalf of the Board of Trustees

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