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Agricultural Employment

General Resolution

WHEREAS, the United States has made consistent progress in the past decade in promoting the welfare of its people by passage of labor and social legislation, such as collective bargaining, minimum wage, social security, workmen's compensation and child labor regulations, but has generally excluded certain categories of workers, including agricultural workers; and

WHEREAS, the poverty of agricultural workers is well documented and among the most severe of any group deserving of aid in the national war against poverty; and

WHEREAS, the degraded impoverishment of these "excepted" workers disgraces the richest of nations, drains welfare funds and impairs the economic and social health of the community; and

WHEREAS, competitive disadvantages hinder each state from independently correcting this evil;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: That the Unitarian Universalist Association reaffirms its 1961 resolution on Migratory Workers asking for collective bargaining rights for agricultural workers, extension of the minimum wage and hours legislation to cover male and female agricultural workers, extension of the protection of child labor laws to children working in agriculture, and creation of a voluntary farm employment service under the United States Employment Service; and now further urges federal and state legislation to:

  1. Broaden the coverage of farm workers under the Social Security insurance programs;
  2. Extend and expand the Migrant Health Act;
  3. Further restrict programs providing for the temporary importation of foreign contract farm workers and the so-called green card immigration system;
  4. Extend state unemployment insurance and workmen's compensation laws to include agricultural workers, together with the establishment of an interstate system to maintain up-to-date records of all payments made, and to pool contributions made by employers in different states.

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Last updated on Wednesday, August 24, 2011.

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