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Federal Registrars for Voting

General Resolution

AFFIRMING that the right to vote is elemental in our American society;

NOTING that major obstacles are still being put by some states before Negroes who attempt to register to vote; and that after the passage of appropriate legislation physical and economic intimidation may nevertheless be used to delay, impede and hamper the effective implementation of the statute; and

COMMENDING those individuals and organizations who, under great provocation, are determinedly trying to increase the registration of Negroes despite these obstacles;

THE FOURTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION URGES the passage of federal legislation authorizing the appointment by the President of the United States of federal registrars, not necessarily residents of the state in which they are to work, who would be empowered to register citizens to vote in any state of the Union where such appointment seems necessary, and providing for injunctive relief and criminal penalties in cases of intimidation of any kind, exercised against any federal official, civil rights worker, voter, or prospective voter, designed to delay, hamper, impede or pervert the exercise of any right granted by any legislation so enacted.

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Last updated on Wednesday, August 24, 2011.

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