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  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    Standing roadside, stranded, watching thousands of dollars rise in the smoke coming from under the hood, it’s easier to fight about who...
  • By Robin Tanner
    I had finally begun to relax—a bit. We were en route to Pennsylvania. My friend, a formal part of our “framily,” was visiting. We decided a...
  • By Sean Parker Dennison
    I'm sitting here broken-hearted. I could try to convince you that it’s about the state of the world with its tragedies, suffering, and...

Skinner House Books

Tapestry of Faith

Building Bridges

Chalice Children

Creating Home

  • One of the reasons Muhammad was able to get people to listen to him was because, from a young age, he had proven himself to be wise and...

Faithful Journeys


Heeding the Call

Love Connects Us

Love Surrounds Us

  • A retelling of a Sioux legend. This story was given to the native people many winters ago. When it was time for all of the young mothers in...
  • From The Broken Tusk by Uma Krishnaswami (Atlanta, GA: August House Publishers Inc.). Used by permission of the publishers. Hard times...

Moral Tales

Resistance and Transformation

Sing to the Power

Spirit in Practice

  • Five people wearing blindfolds were once brought into a room in the middle of which stood an elephant. Each person was directed to a...

Spirit of Life

  • By Elie Wiesel, from The Gates of the Forest. When the great Rabbi Israel Ba'al Shem-Tov saw misfortune threatening the Jews, it was his...

The New UU

What Moves Us

What We Choose: Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures

Wonderful Welcome

UU World