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Beacon Press

Blue Boat

  • By Ted Resnikoff
    We Should All Be So Privileged I knew that I could vote and that that wasn't a privilege; it was my right. Every time I tried I was shot,...


  • By DeReau K. Farrar
    How many times do I need to make mistakes at the expense of other people, or people’s groups, before I’m ready to admit that I’m not any better at this than the bigoted and willfully ignorant? If I am to “be change,” I must commit to humility and refuse to settle for my own comforting achievements.

Skinner House Books

Tapestry of Faith

Amazing Grace

Building Bridges

Building the World We Dream About: For Young Adults

Chalice Children

Circle of Trees

Creating Home

  • One of the reasons Muhammad was able to get people to listen to him was because, from a young age, he had proven himself to be wise and...

Faithful Journeys


Heeding the Call

Love Connects Us

Love Surrounds Us

  • A retelling of a Sioux legend. This story was given to the native people many winters ago. When it was time for all of the young mothers in...
  • By Janeen K Grohsmeyer
    A story of Dorothea Dix (1802-1887), Unitarian teacher and social reformer. "Finish eating your supper, Anna," said Florence. "We mustn't...
  • By Noreen Kimball
    There was once a girl who loved to write stories and poems. She often wrote about the land and birds around her home. Her name was Rachel...


Moral Tales

Resistance and Transformation

  • Materials for Activity Handout 1, Prophetic, Parallel, and Institutional Voices Preparation for Activity Review Handout 1 and make copies...
  • Materials for Activity Worship or centering table and chalice Participant journals Writing materials, including paper, pens, pencils, color...

Sing to the Power