Where does healing lead? It's certainly not back to the person you were before the abuse happened. You don't "get over" clergy sexual misconduct—ever—but you can incorporate it into your life, working to a level of wholeness and self-acceptance you may never have dreamed possible. To have suffered so much gives you a depth and compassion that you are not likely to have had otherwise.

In the process of healing you inevitably struggle with the biggest questions in life: Why are we here? What is our meaning and purpose? Why do we suffer? This comes at a time when your worldview and belief system are likely to have been shattered. And so you must piece together from shards a theology that can honestly respond to your most profound questions. It is possible.

A spiritual practice is your birthright. Don't let one of our ministers—a minister who has abused the ministry as well as you—rob you of this. Right now there are individual UU ministers and leaders who want to help, and we believe that understanding in the Association is growing. It is our prayer that you heal quickly and that Unitarian Universalists will help you in your journey.

For more information contact safecongregations@uua.org.