Beginning: A Journey Toward Wholeness

The Panel reviewed models developed by several faith communities. We discussed the issues with individuals and groups—Unitarian Universalist and others—who are among the most committed, inspired and creative people addressing the challenges of ministry and response. We thank them all for their willingness to sit with us, giving us their time, energy and encouragement. We especially thank Kay Montgomery, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Executive Vice-President, for her commitment to this issue and her steadfast support of the Panel. Also, without the presence and passionate commitment of Patricia Hoertdoerfer, staff liaison, our work would not have been as informed or clear. Finally, the Panel thanks with deep gratitude the victims and survivors who shared their stories, often reliving them: it is our hope that their participation in our work will shape a future very different from the reality they experienced.

Ministry and response to victims and survivors of clergy sexual misconduct is a beginning: the beginning of the UUA's active systemic role in maintaining our covenant of mutual trust and support, the beginning of restorative justice, the beginning of a journey toward wholeness. Submitted by:

Fredric J. Muir, Chair
Annapolis, MD (1998-2000)

Julie Denny-Hughes
Raleigh, NC (1999-2000)

Becky Edmiston-Lange
Houston, TX (1998-1999)

David Hackett
Annapolis, MD (1999-2000)

Pat Hoertdoerfer, staff liaison
Boston, MA (1998-2000)

Michelle Hunt
Washington Crossing, NJ (1999-2000)

Anna Belle Leiserson
Nashville, TN (1998-2000)

John Manwell
Baltimore, MD (1998-2000)

Mary Katherine Morn
Nashville, TN (1998-2000)

Gretchen Woods
Corvallis, OR (1998-1999)

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