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During the past two years, has there been a worship service or has someone preached on: Any sexuality issue?  
Welcome and full inclusion of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals and families with lesbian, gay, or bisexual members?  
Welcome and full inclusion of transgender and gender variant individuals, and families with a transgender or gender variant member?  
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual justice issue, such as marriage equality?  
Transgender justice issue, such as nondiscrimination legislation?  
LGBT youth justice issue, such as bullying or homelessness?  
Reproductive justice, including abortion and family planning?  
Sexuality Education?  
Global Maternal Mortality? (Rachel Sabbath)  
International Violence Against? Women (Congo Sabbath)  
Domestic Violence?  
Sexual Abuse?  
Other Sexuality Issue?  
Inclusive Language Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
Are there guidelines encouraging full inclusion language for worship and preaching? (see Policies and Environment section for more detail)        
Commemorations Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
Are special dates acknowledged at worship services near: January 22, the anniversary of the l973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortion?  
February l4, National Standing on the Side of Love Day?  
March, Women's History Month? (International Women's Day, March 8)  
April, Prevent Child Abuse Month?  
May, National Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month?  
Mother's Day or Father's Day? (Sundays can become "wholly family services" which celebrate families of all kinds)  
Rachel Sabbath Initiative? (Maternal Health)  
June, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month?  
July 11, World Population Day?  
August 26, Women's Equality Day?  
September, Comprehensive Sexuality Education?  
October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month?  
October 11, National Coming Out Day?  
November, Family Caregivers Month?  
November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance?  
December l, World AIDS Day?  
December 10, Human Rights Day?  
Anniversary of Congregation Becoming a Welcoming Congregation?  
  Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
In the past two years, have there been services or public acknowledgements at a worship service about sexuality-related life events? Abuse survivors?  
Adoption or co-parent adoption?  
Baby naming?  
Marriages and commitment ceremonies?  
People lost to AIDS?  
Pregnancy Loss?  
  Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
In the past two years, has there been: Sermon on sexuality issues?  
Readings on sexuality issues?  
Rite of passage ceremony?  
Celebrations of announcement of a pregnancy, birth, or adoption?  
Celebrations of announcement of an engagement, marriage, or union?  
Rituals of celebration for coming out?  
Rituals of celebration to mark transition milepost for transgender individuals?  
  Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
Has the congregation participated in: National Standing on Side of Love Day (February 14)  
Congo Sabbath?  
Rachel Sabbath?  
  Yes No Don't Know Plans for Improvement
Does the Music Director have hymns available for sexuality-related services?  

Worship and Preaching: Assessing Sexual Health

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