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All handouts are in PDF format and are one page unless indicated otherwise.

Handout 1:  Wheel of Power and Control 

Handout 2:  Wheel of Nonviolence and Equality

Handout 3:  The Seven Laws of an Emotional Triangle

Handout 4:  Letter to the Minister

Handout 5:  Assessment Questions for Effective Leadership

Handout 6:  A Covenantal Faith

Handout 7:  Three Case Studies (2 pages)

Handout 8:  The Difference Between Stress and Burnout

Handout 9:  A Self-Assessment Checklist

Handout 10:  Eleven Guidelines for Preserving Boundaries (2 pages)

Handout 11:  Needs Assessment Checklist for Congregations

Handout 12:  Six Case Studies (2 pages)

Handout 13:  Checklist for Developing Youth Group Safety Guidelines

Handout 14:  Just Relations Grid

Handout 15:  Unitarian Universalist Association Responsibility and Accountability

Handout 16:  Privilege and Oppression

Handout 17:  Five Case Studies (2 pages)

Table of Contents

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Last updated on Friday, April 22, 2011.

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