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Violence Against Women
ZZZ-RETIRED Violence Against Women
Reproductive Justice, Reproductive Justice

"Unitarian Universalists affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Living with dignity includes freedom from physical and emotional violence and the fear of such violence in the home, workplace, church, and community."

-UUA 1993 General Resolution "Violence Against Women"

The Unitarian Universalist Association calls for the end of violence against women and the spiritual, emotional, and physical damage that accompanies it.

Public Policy

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was originally passed by the US Congress in 1994, and since then has provided the most significant policy response to these crimes, giving law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges the tools they need to hold offenders accountable and keep communities safe while supporting survivors. Reauthorized twice already, VAWA has had a tremendous impact and has saved billions of dollars. Unfortunately VAWA expired in 2011 and cannot provide these services again until it is reauthorized.

Take Action

The Senate could consider and pass a bill that would renew VAWA and make some much-needed improvements to its life-saving programs, but it needs co-sponsors if it is to receive debate time. It is critical to speak out now to ensure that every senator signs on as a cosponsor and supports passage of VAWA. Write a letter to your senators today.

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