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Candidates for 2013-2014 Youth Observer to the UUA Board of Trustees

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Candidates Information

The following youth were candidates for the position of 2013-2014 Youth Observer to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees. Congratulations to Rosemary Dodd, the elected Youth Observer 2013-2014!

A one-page information sheet (PDF) of the following information is also available for download. View all of the candidates' campaign videos in the Vimeo album.

For information about the election process, please see the Youth Observer Voting Process.

Rosemary Dodd

Grade in school 2013-2014: Senior
Congregation: Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma, CA

“Being a Unitarian Universalist youth is a big part of my life. As Facilitator of the Pacific Central District- YRUU Youth Council, staff at PCD Coming of Age retreats, an active member of my home church and the youth group there, I have strengthened my commitment to Youth Ministry. Previously, I have served as Officer of RE Outreach on PCD-YRUU Council, been a founding member of the Middle School UU Groups Board, attended GA, and I also serve in various leadership positions at YRUU conferences. My experiences on this regional level have motivated me to serve on a national one. I am honored at the prospect of participating on the UUA Board of Trustees.”

View Rosemary Dodd's campaign video.

Erick Ditmars

Grade in school 2013-2014: Senior
Congregation: First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX

“Imagine a Faith that lives its values through service, a faith that instead of talking about justice actually goes out and makes permanent positive change in the community at large. That's my dream for Unitarian Universalism. At Justice GA last year I saw the faith I have always known we can be in action. As UUA youth observer I will use my voice to make ends that will push forward an agenda of service to the community, youth adult relations and spiritual growth.”

View Erick Ditmars' campaign video.

Nora Collins

Grade in school 2013-2014: Senior
Congregation: First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Brookline, MA

“I have benefited from being raised in Unitarian Universalist congregations with strong religious education programs and am now looking to contribute to strengthening my beloved community and denomination. I have served on church committees including the work of welcoming newcomers and embracing our growing diversity. I also bring three years of racial justice and health care work from my after-school job at a local health center. I speak Spanish from living in Oaxaca, Mexico for a year and was lucky to be a youth delegate from my church for General Assembly last summer. I am the only teenager in many settings and have developed good listening skills as well as the ability to stand my own.”

View Nora Collins' campaign video.

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Last updated on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

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  Rosemary Dodd, Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma, CA

  Erick Ditmars, First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX

  Nora Collins, First Parish Unitarian Universalist, Brookline, MA

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