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Recognized Youth Leaders

Congratulations to those who have been recognized as Luminary Leaders! Below you will find the names of youth leaders (past and present) who have been recognized.  

If you are interested in recognition, please visit our application page.  


  • Steven Ballesteros
  • Luis Miguel Barajus
  • Jo Benshoof
  • Rhea Brown-Bright
  • Samantha Burden
  • Olivia Calvi
  • Phebe Hawes
  • Sloan Marion
  • Kara Marler
  • Makeda Mayes
  • Isabelle McCurdy
  • Colleen Murray
  • Phoebe Mussman
  • John Newhall
  • Max Pivonka
  • Olivia Schouboe Elzinga
  • Aneesa Shaikh
  • Carter Smith
  • Kendra Sweitzer
  • Emily (Franki) Tilbrook
  • Cristan Vitkus
  • Tilcara Webb


  • Sofia Avery-Kapulski
  • Kendra Burdick
  • Rosemary Cohen
  • Kendra Cross
  • Morgan Day
  • Tara Dorgan
  • Kristen Hermann
  • Robert Jensen
  • Brendan Lawson
  • Elissa McDavid
  • Rachael Milles
  • Joan Mosyjowski
  • Emily Parker
  • Richelle Perry


  • Celeste Allen
  • Asha Arora
  • Jaimie Dingus
  • Owen Huelsbeck
  • Scott Jackoway
  • China Rae Newman

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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

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In Fall 2013, newly recognized Luminary Leaders were entered into a drawing for a scholarship of up to $500 to cover registration and expenses for the UU event of their choice.  President Peter Morales picks our winner!

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