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What is General Assembly?

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Its programming includes open business meetings in which delegates speak and vote, (this is called Plenary); Workshops that any registered attendee may attend; Worship services scattered throughout the days and nights; a large exhibit hall with displays from congregations, departments of the UUA, and other Unitarian Universalist (UU) or UU-related organizations; and tons of other great events, meetings and fun programs! Thousands of UU children, youth and adults gather at GA. It has a contingent of youth, but it is not a youth con.

When & Where is General Assembly?

General Assembly in 2015 will be held from June 24-28 in Portland, OR. For more information about GA, including information about the host city, visit General Assembly.

Who qualifies for Youth Registration?

Youth Registration is open to all those who were in grades 9-12, or the equivalent for home-schooled youth, in the just-ended school year (Fall 2014-Spring 2015). Additionally, youth registration is required for all General Assembly (GA) attendees aged 15-17 regardless of school level. Eighteen year-olds are not required to register as Youth, but must do so in order to obtain the youth registration rate. Fourteen year-olds may register as youth if they will have completed 9th grade (or the equivalent for home schooled youth) before GA.

For those under 14 and those who are 14 and have not yet entered high school (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth), use the Children’s Registration.

For those 18+ and out of high-school, take note of the option to get information about Young Adult Caucus on the adult registration form.

What is General Session?  What happened to Plenary?

General Sessions are the times where the entire Assembly gathers for worshipful reflection as well as the business of the Association.  If you have been to GA before, these were the Plenary sessions, but they were reenvisioned for 2014. During these sessions representatives (delegates) from all UU congregations gather to do the business of the Unitarian Universalist Association. This includes changing the bylaws of the Association and doing social witness work as part of our faith. Youth Caucus plays an important and influential role in each session. Although only youth who are delegates may speak on the floor during debates and votes, any youth may take part in the Youth Caucus business meetings (FUN TIMES) leading up to sessions.

Can Youth be Delegates to General Assembly?

Yes, definitely! Being a delegate gives youth a chance to participate in the democratic process and help shape the face of Unitarian Universalism for the next year. To become delegates, youth must go through regular delegate election/selection processes (these vary from congregation to congregation). By sending youth as delegates, congregations send a powerful message that youth are a vital and important part of Unitarian Universalism. See the Blue Boat blog-post "How to Be a Youth Caucus Delegate in 5 Easy Steps" for a helpful video.

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