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Past Chrysalis Awardees

Our gratitude goes out the the following folks who have successfully applied for the Chrysalis Training Program!

Level IV

Rick Bibby Dallas, TX
Craig Block Torrance, CA
Jeff Liebmann Pittsburgh, PA
Tera Little Studio City, CA
Samaya Oakley North Vancouver, BC
Lillian Rappaport Whitestone, NY
Jo Victoria Redwood City, CA
Topher West Lawrence, KS

Level III

Lia Atherton Albuquerque, NM
Steve Caldwell Bossier City, LA
Lara Campbell White Plains, NY
Elizabeth Dana New York, NY
Tim Murphy Anderson, IN
Desiree Roffers Columbus, OH
Mary Roffers Grafton, WI
Eric Swanson Redwood City, CA
Jan Taddeo Bethesda, MD
Arlene West St. Paul, MN

Level II

Kristen Blosser Lawrence, KS
Lori "Lucky" Dehn Otsego, MN
Kevin Drewery Las Vegas, NV
Karen Jewel Bloomington, IN
Matt Thomas Kesner Ronkonkoma, NY
Michael Molk Corvallis, OR
Heidi Pilewski Turtle Creek, PA
Claire Snow Elyria, OH

Level I

Hafidha Acuay Portland, OR
Colleen Barnard Colleyville, TX
Sylvia Bass-West Toronto, ON
Greg Boyd Boston, MA
Barton Frost Waltham, MA
Tara Kennedy Chevy Chase, MD
Kelly Kent Vancouver, BC
Kathe Larick San Diego, CA
Andrea Lerner Zionsville, PA
Tom Macon Charlottesville, VA
Laura McNaughton Edmonds, WA
Ruben Pollard Chestnut Hill, MA
Reid Robinson Muttontown, NY
Katie Tyson Alexandria, VA

For more information contact

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

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