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How is this Code enforced?

The Code of Ethics is meant to be an internally-enforced guide for leaders to act in ways that are healthy for the group, and not an externally-enforced law. While we intend to provide guidance and assistance to groups experiencing conflict based in actual or perceived violations of the code (see below), groups must decide for themselves how they will implement and enforce the code. As is fitting the polity of our Association, we intend the Code of Ethics to be a resource for groups, and not an imposition upon them.

We suggest the following:

  • Groups whose leaders are expected to adhere to this Code should have a grievance policy and procedures that include how to deal with actual or perceived violations of the code.
  • Such policies and procedures should include mediation by a local religious or campus professional if possible in instances that simple discussion cannot resolve the issue.
  • The policies and procedures should also include possible sanctions for leaders who are judged to have violated the code.
  • Groups using the Code of Ethics for their leaders should discuss the Code and its implications at least annually, especially when selecting/electing leaders.

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Last updated on Friday, October 26, 2012.

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