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Young Adult Caucus Programming

Young Adult Caucus offers a variety of programs throughout General Assembly (GA). Each year, this schedule is set by the Caucus Co-Moderators. Below are the session descriptions for 2013. You can also download the schedule of Caucus programs (PDF) to see how these sessions fit into the larger GA schedule.

Young Adult Orientation
Wednesday, 6/19/2013 1:00:00 PM - 2:30:00 PM
Orientation for young adults (ages 18-35) of all backgrounds at GA. Meet with other young adults and find out what YA Caucus has planned at General Assembly. Come get started on our community art project! Find out about the caucus staff, witness activities, GA business, and ways to get involved.

Young Adult Worship
Wednesday, 6/19/2013 10:30:00 PM - 11:30:00 PM
John Dunne famously said, “no person is an island.” Join with young adults from around the country in worship as we celebrate our unity and continue our search for who we are, what we need, and what we have to offer to our communities and each other. All are welcome.

What Young Adults Look For in a Congregation
Thursday, 6/20/2013 10:45:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM
Back by popular demand! Join Young Adult Caucus for stories of successful congregation-based young adult ministry. Afterwards, we’ll host open dialogue about what young adults look for in a congregation and what they need when they get there. Come ready to listen and be heard!

Young Adult Caucus I
Thursday, 6/20/2013 1:45:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM
A meeting for all young adults (18-35) at General Assembly to discuss, reflect on, and learn about GA business and events. Come discuss the best strategies for navigating plenary with us!

Young Adult Caucus II
Friday, 6/21/2013 1:45:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM
A meeting for all young adults (18-35) at General Assembly to discuss, reflect on and learn about GA business and events. We will discuss the elections happening at GA, and what they mean for young adults. Ware Lecturer Eboo Patel will be joining us during the second half of this session for a discussion about young adults and interfaith work.

Post-Bridging Celebration
Friday, 6/21/2013 10:15:00 PM - 11:15:00 PM
Join us after the Synergy worship to celebrate our bridging youth. Come for fellowship and connections with the young adult community. Coffee and dessert will be provided!

Young Adult Caucus III
Saturday, 6/22/2013 1:45:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM
A meeting for all young adults (18-35) at General Assembly to digest and reflect on plenary. Come discuss, and learn about ongoing GA business and events, and ways to carry them forward into your community.

Young Adult Caucus IV: Elections
Saturday, 6/22/2013 5:30:00 PM - 6:45:00 PM
A meeting for all young adults (ages 18-35) at General Assembly. We will be electing the next Co-Moderator of Young Adult Caucus. Come shape the future of Young Adult Caucus!

Young Adult Worship
Saturday, 6/22/2013 10:30:00 PM - 11:30:00 PM
Join in story, song, and community as young adults from around the country come together in worship. All are welcome to this worship where we’ll explore who we are, what we need, and what we have to offer out communities and each other.

Youth and Young Adult Worship: Circle of Faith
Sunday, 6/23/2013 7:45:00 AM - 8:30:00 AM
Join us for a closing worship celebrating our renewed commitments. Let us come together as individuals and in community to bring our lights back into the world. We invite you to arrive at 7:45 for gathering music and meditation. The call to worship will be given promptly at 8.

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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Thursday, May 9, 2013.

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