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What is YA@GA?

Young Adults at General Assembly (GA) is a network, a series of programs, a body of diverse Unitarian Universalists.  We are students, religious professionals, parents, congregational leaders, community builders, and more and we are coming to General Assembly to connect, worship and lead!

YA@GA will have a young adult space at GA 2015 for workshops and networking.  We’ll also host programs intended for GA participants of all ages.  Our worship will include a dynamic Synergy service as well as other spiritual experiences and worship throughout GA.  We’ll have opportunities to learn new strategies for developing our Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations and communities, and we’ll also share our skills and ideas with others as we lead.

Why did we shift away from the traditional caucus format?

The surveys from GA 2013 showed that young adults who attended GA were most interested in: (1) meaningful networking and community building; (2) skill-building for young adult ministry in their congregations; (3) worshipping; and (4) discussing trends in our faith/the future of Unitarian Universalism.  We were called to respond to these wishes by radically re-imagining young adult programming.  We believe that moving away from the caucus format has allowed for more diverse programming and helps a wider range of young adults engage more fully in General Assembly.

How does this shift change the staff roles?

Under the caucus format the Young Adult Caucus had two Co-Moderators who were elected by the caucus.  Now these two roles are Co-Facilitators of the YA@GA programming. While still elected positions, instead of moderating a caucus they take on the work of organizing and supporting YA@GA.

The other two volunteer staff positions are Worship Coordinator and GA Talks Coordinator.  The deadline for applications is usually in October.  For more information and a sample application, download "YA@GA Volunteer Staff Openings" (PDF, 3 pages).

Young Adult Caucus used to have its own dedicated chaplain. Because this chaplain was not called on very often during GA, the more effective solution is ensuring that young adults are included in the GA Chaplain staff. There are now young adult chaplains at GA who can serve people of all ages.

Where can I get more information about YA@GA and General Assembly as a whole?

You can connect with YA@GA on Facebook and be alerted to new information as it is available.

Information about Young Adult Caucus and General Assembly will be featured on the Blue Boat blog of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Information about registration, housing and GA programming can be found in the General Assembly section.

Are there scholarships or other assistance for young adults?

Yes!  Check out Financial Aid for General Assembly for more information.  This page will be updated as GA approaches and more information becomes available. The application process for both scholarships and volunteer positions is usually March 1 through March 31.

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