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Stage Five: Growing Together

Growing Together is the fifth of five stages of young adult ministry development in congregations. Find more information on the five stages.


Young adults are fully integrated into the life of the church, and have strong connections with each other. They are involved in both intergenerational and age cohort activities that satisfy spiritual and social needs (mixing and huddling). They are in positions of leadership throughout the church, and their perspectives and voices are valued, not just because of their generational lens, but also because of their leadership abilities.Their leadership is felt in many aspects of congregational life. Young adults are (becoming) a large part of our identity as a faith community, it is truly THEIR congregation, too.


  • Start asking the question “What’s next”? Explore new modes of spiritual expression and religious community
  • Revise leadership and governance processes to become affirming and empowering, rather than bureaucratic and restrictive.
  • Build institutions and relationships that encourage leadership development as this group of young adults ages, so that the next group of young adults can be supported in the same way.


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Last updated on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

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