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Chapter 4 - Sample Sessions

The sample sessions included here follow the format outlined above. A variety of focus material is used. Most sessions can be completed in an hour or less. Sessions 7 and 9 suggest a movie; make sure you have time for the entire movie, or select scenes to show, or choose different focus material. As you plan your sessions, assign time to all the components.

Within the sessions, questions are divided into "Questions" and "Deeper Questions." Deeper questions invite a level of sharing recommended for a group of youth already comfortable with each other. Note that the sample sessions are presented in an order that encourages youth toward increasingly meaningful sharing. For example, Session 1, Being Together, Part I, assumes participants are newly met; whereas Session 8, The Importance of Being Right, is written for a group where participants feel safe discussing more personal memories.

The sessions may used as written or in parts. The next chapters offer more sample sessions.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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