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Taking It Home, Workshop 8: Families Function: Families Eat

In "Families," a Tapestry of Faith program

Eating together is important family time; it validates the importance in family and offers good socialization, which is very important.

Gale Mills


We looked at family life through a single lens: that of food. We explored this topic with a continuum game, skits, and discussion. Then we enjoyed a delicious feast. Yum!


Does your family participate in any ritual that involves eating? It could be a holiday meal at home, a family reunion cookout, or the congregational canvass dinner. Is there significance to these events beyond eating? If so, how does eating connect to this significance?


Are you a healthy eater? What do you snack on? What is available in your house for snacking? Have a conversation with your family about healthy snacks that you all like. Put one new healthy snack on the family menu each week.


Once a week, offer to be the one to put the family meal on the table. What does it take to accomplish this task? Try to have a balanced meal. Plan it ahead. Who will shop for the ingredients? How will you time it so that it all goes on the table at the same time? Keep the meal simple the first few times. Invite your siblings or other family members (those who do not usually cook) to participate in the meal preparation.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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