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Leader Resource 2: Belief Assignments and Name Tags

Activity created by Prerna Abbi. Used by permission.

Name Tag Stickers

Print a variety of these stickers for participants to wear for others to see. For some stickers, write the accompanying "identity" clearly where others can see it. For other stickers, write the "identity" on the back so no one but the wearer will know it.

Detailed Belief Cards

Print the following belief cards out for only participants to see, attaching each one to an appropriate "identity" sticker (I.e., Any "No green straws" card can go with an "identity" sticker that has a blue circles; any "Height is glory" card can go with a sticker that has a red diamond.

  • No green straws. Green straws are antiquated and have not been relevant in decades.
  • No green straws. Green straws are harmful and oppressive.
  • No green straws. Green straws are not relevant to me.
  • Height is glory. Height represents glory and we humans should be humble and not seek glory for ourselves.
  • Height is glory and thus, we must build high to glorify what is good.
  • Popsicle sticks are sacred. They should neither touch the ground nor a table, ever.
  • Popsicle sticks are sacred. I cannot touch them.
  • Popsicle sticks are sacred. They should be abundant in our structure.
  • Success is 1 foot. The structure is not a success if one dimension is not 1 foot.
  • No tape means no tape.
  • No tape means that I should not touch tape.

Printing This Handout

Download a high-resolution copy of this Handout (PDF) for printing.

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