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Families (Heeding the Call)

As with faith development, a family’s dedication to exploring social justice plays a critical role in the development of youth as activists. Many youth report initially venturing into the realm of social action at the urging of a parent or family member. By involving the families in this program, you will help support the youth as they explore what social justice means to them.

Every workshop offers Taking It Home resources that provide tools for communicating, learning, and having fun as a family.

The Faith in Action activities provide important opportunities for youth to explore social justice issues locally and globally. Many activities include roles for parents, caregivers, or other family members. If the group is doing the long-term Faith in Action activity that begins in Workshop 5, Courage, you will need to communicate and coordinate with parents the activities happening outside of regular meeting times.

The leader/parent relationship is very important and must be both welcoming and reassuring. When parents bring their youth to experience Unitarian Universalist religious education, they need to feel confidence not only in the safety and enjoyment you will provide, but also in your faith leadership. Strong partnerships can foster parents’ commitment to becoming strong faith leaders in their own families. As a leader, you can support and inspire parents to bring intentionality and excitement to their role in their youth’s faith development.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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