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Faith In Action: Peace in Palestine

Faith In Action: Peace in Palestine
Faith In Action: Peace in Palestine

Activity time: 30 minutes

Preparation for Activity

  • Find a member of your congregation or community who is working with organizations who support peace in the Middle East or cooperative relationships among local Muslims and Jews. Invite them to talk to the group. If they have Jewish and Muslim colleagues, invite them, too. Suggest they create a presentation no longer than 20 minutes and bring an activity youth can do to help-for example, postcards to write to legislators or care boxes for people in refugee camps. Let them know the youth might have questions.

Description of Activity

Tell the group that the visitor(s) will discuss what they are doing to help bring peace to the Middle East. Introduce the visitor(s). After the presentation, facilitate youth to ask questions. If the visitor has brought an activity to help youth engage with the peace process, invite them to lead it.

Thank the visitor(s).

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