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Introduction, Workshop 6: Hope, Compassion and Strength

In "Gather the Spirit," a Tapestry of Faith program

If you give (a person) a fish, you feed (them) for a day. If you teach (them) how to fish, you feed (them) for a lifetime. — Chinese proverb

This workshop highlights reciprocity—loving one's neighbor as oneself—a central message of Unitarian Universalism's Sources. Participants extend their understanding of "neighbor" to the wider communities to which they belong, including the global community of humankind, and learn that one way to participate in the interdependent web of existence is to express our own need to give love and care. They understand why treating others as we would want to be treated means taking the time to discern the perspectives and real needs of others whom they want to help. The story, "The Caican Water Project," shows how organized, communal work can be more effective than the sum of individual efforts and highlights how, for many Unitarian Universalists, service is a spiritual practice.

If you have not used Workshop 5, Alternate Activity 2, Make an Aquifer in a Cup, consider including it in this workshop. It will help participants understand the engineering challenges the Caican community faced to secure clean, flowing water.

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Last updated on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

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