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The Family pages insert in the Fall 2012 UU World magazine has the theme "All God's Critters... Even the Bat!" Learn how human activity has disrupted bats' habitats. Find out what some people are doing to help and ways you and your child can get involved.

Many children's magazines focus on habitats and the environment, and the National Wildlife Federation's Big Backyard is one rich source. Also, the National Wildlife Federation offers habitat programs to try at home or school.

The April 2011 issue of Muse Magazine (available in most public libraries) had an interesting article about "ugly" animals, including a debate about whether saving habitats for humans' favorite animals would also benefit these other animals or if human dislike of these animals placed them at risk of extinction.

Visit the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth or the UUA's Green Sanctuary program to learn how UUs are involved in taking care of the earth.

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