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Alternate Activity 2: Solar Art (20 minutes), Session 13: Green Energy

In "World of Wonder," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Photo-sensitive paper, nature objects
  • Water source

Preparation for Activity

  • Decide whether the children will gather nature objects as part of the activity; if not, gather the objects before the session.
  • Note: This activity requires a sunny day!

Description of Activity

Take the group outside and have the children collect nature objects like leaves, nuts, rocks, seedpods, twigs—anything that will block the sunlight. Or, have some objects ready for them to choose, such as shells, fern fronds, or flowers.

After they have selected an object to imprint, give each child a piece of photo-sensitive paper. Remind them to keep the photo paper covered until they are ready to set the nature object. Place the paper on the ground in the sun, remove the covering, and set the object on the paper. Most photo paper needs about two minutes for the imprint, but check the directions that come with your photo-sensitive paper. Tell each child when it is time to remove the object and rinse their paper in water to reveal and fix the image.

Have the participants share their sun prints with each other. Optional: Ask participants what other things can be done with solar power. Some ideas are making sun tea or making a solar oven (see Faith in Action activity.)

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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