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Alternate Activity 1: Welcoming Web Game (10 minutes), Session 12: Beauty in Nature

In "World of Wonder," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Ball of yarn

Preparation for Activity

  • Clear an open space where the group can sit in a circle.
  • Make sure you know each participant's name so you can prompt others in the circle.

Description of Activity

This activity makes the concepts of interdependence and the web of life concrete with a web made out of yarn.

Tell the children that together you will create a web, like a spider web. Explain that, holding a piece of the yarn, you will roll the ball to someone else in the circle and welcome them by name. Then, that person will pass the yarn to someone else and the group will continue until everyone has been welcomed and is holding a piece of the yarn. Remind the children:

1. Do not let go of your piece of yarn when you roll the ball of yarn to the next person.

2. Pass the ball of yarn to someone who is not sitting right next to you.

Start the game. When everyone is holding a piece of yarn, point out that you have created a web together.

Ask everyone to hold their piece of yarn. Then, pull on your piece and ask the children what they noticed. Point out that everyone could feel the tug. Invite another child to tug the string and ask the children if they could feel that, as well. See if they can tell, by feel, who made the tug.

Now drop your string and ask the children what happens to the web. Ask the children what they think would happen if half of the group dropped their pieces of yarn. As needed, point out that the web might fall apart. At the end of the game, ask for a volunteer to roll the yarn back into a ball.

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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