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Alternate Activity 2: Decorating the World of Wonder Mural (10 minutes), Session 1: The Web of Life

In "World of Wonder," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Leader Resource 2, Creating the World of Wonder Mural
  • Yarn, glue, and nature stickers (e.g. spiders, other insects, flowers, various animals)
  • Optional: Digital camera, a printer, and scissors

Preparation for Activity

  • Using Leader Resource 2, sketch the web on mural paper. Make it large enough for children to glue yarn on the "spokes" of the web, and paste stickers—and photos, if you will take and print them—in between.
  • Cut yarn into lengths for the "spokes" of the web.
  • Lay out sheets of stickers.
  • Optional: Ask your religious educator whether it is permissible to post children's pictures on the mural. If any of the children's pictures cannot be posted, skip the picture-taking.

Description of Activity

Place the mural on a work surface that is accessible to all participants. Take a picture of each participant, including leaders. If equipment is available to print the pictures immediately, cut pictures out and attach to the web with glue. Otherwise, pictures can be added in the next session and any time there is a newcomer to the group. While pictures are being taken, the children can glue lengths of yarn onto the mural to create the "spokes" of the web and decorate it with nature stickers.

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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