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Leader Resource 2: Creating the World of Wonder Mural

In each session's Closing, you will add an image to the World of Wonder mural, illustrating the web of life of which we are a part. This web can be a semi-permanent creation in your room or attached to a bulletin board or other removable object. Customize it to fit your space needs.

Draw a simple web on mural paper or create one with a large ball of yarn, ribbon, or string glued or taped to mural paper or to a large piece of felt.

Before you create your web, see Alternate Activity 2, Decorating the World of Wonder Mural. Decide whether and how the children will contribute to the mural, and plan accordingly.

Draw a horizontal and vertical line. Then add two diagonal lines to form the framework of the web (Figure 1). Finish the web by connecting the lines around the framework (Figure 2).

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